Availability and Eligibility

Gile Hill has 61 rental apartments. 46 of them meet the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority’s affordability definition with modest rents available to qualified households.

Maximum Household Income Limits
Affordable units are restricted to those households earning up to 50% or 60% of Area Median Income for Grafton County, depending on the unit:

# of Persons in Household:
Total Gross Annual
Household Income:

All household income must be included:
wages, social security, child support, SSI, etc.

*Calculating income is not entirely straightforward. If you are interested
in an affordable rental and have income of approximately the allowable
amount, please contact Maloney Properties who will work with you to
determine your eligibility.

Persons in
Up to

Up to

1 Person $29,580 $24,650
2 Person $33,840 $28,200
3 Person $38,040 $31,700
4 Person $42,240 $35,200
5 Person $45,660 $38,050
6 Person $49,020 $40,850

Monthly Rents—Affordable Units

       1 Bedroom………………$595
       2 Bedroom………………$712—$868
       3 Bedroom………………$1,002

There are some two-bedroom units that are not income-restricted. Rents for these units are between $1275 - $1479.

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